LOVE's in life: Incredible wife and two toe head boys take the cake. Stormy weather, stove popped pop corn, any project, weekend gettaways, and hanging out with fun couples.

Favorite Subject: Couples in Dramatic Landscapes.

Lens of Choice: Canon 50L 1.2

Kris has been shooting since he was old enough to sneak his dad's old Minolta SLR out of the closet, capturing everything that caught his attention. He saved for college shooting families and selling framed landscapes at the local general store in a small NJ farm town. After college he found that the excitement of capturing couples in love pushed him to new creative heights, and satisfied his passion for beautiful and emotional images.
In most of his work you feel like you walked in on a moment, rather than a posed shot. The best compliment ever paid to Kris was when someone after looking at his blog told him, " I feel like I know this couple even though I've never met them." We hope you feel like this too. In 2007 Kris and I (Cathy) got married. I have a background in the news business and work as an assistant to the studio work now that I take care of two little boys. Although we live in Southern Orange County and love our digs, every year we take on a few East Coast weddings to spice things up. (Will someone please bring us to the Carribean?) Kris feels so blessed to be able to share what he loves while continuing to perfect his craft. Thank you for your support and love!